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Campuswide Software License Grant Program

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The Campuswide Software License Grant (CSLG) Program provides annual software licenses and annual rights to new versions of OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX product portfolios as described below to all eligible educational institutions enrolled in the CSLG Program. License paks for the product portfolio are combined on one CD-ROM and can be ordered under one part number. Software Binaries are purchased separately.

HP now includes a CSLG portfolio for OpenVMS Integrity systems. The portfolio includes licenses for software from the OpenVMS Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE), the OpenVMS Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE), and other layered products indicated on HP’s OpenVMS Integrity product listing.

The CSLG OpenVMS AXP and VAX portfolio consists of HP's OpenVMS operating system unlimited user upgrades, operating system unlimited interactive user licenses, and layered products as indicated in HP's CSLG OpenVMS AXP-VAX product listing. (Software is purchased separately.)

The CSLG Tru64 UNIX portfolio consists of HP's Tru64 UNIX operating system unlimited interactive user licenses and layered products as indicated in HP's CSLG Tru64 UNIX product listing.

Eligible products

Product Listing

Program eligibility

Use of the licenses is limited to research, academic, administrative, educational, and personal use purposes. Licenses may not be used for commercial or income purposes. Licenses and their associated software cannot be transferred or sub-licensed. Licenses provide rights to all versions of software that are current during the annual license period.

To be eligible for the CSLG program, Integrity systems using OpenVMS are required to have a valid Foundation Operating Environment (FOE) at the appropriate number of processors.

The FOE, AXP and VAX Base licenses, SMP licenses, and source code licenses are not available in the CSLG Program.

To be eligible for the CSLG Program a VAX or AXP system must have a valid Compaq or HP operating system license appropriate for the system configuration.

All OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX systems that have a valid Compaq or HP operating system license at current version may upgrade that operating system license to unlimited users using the licenses provided under the CSLG Program. User licenses for the operating system are not required on OpenVMS Integrity systems.

All systems that have a valid operating system license at current version may access the layered products using the licenses provided under the CSLG Program. Customers must be using Compaq or HP equipment and licenses to participate in CSLG. (Clones are not eligible.)

Campuswide software license grant (CSLG) membership

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Membership details

An annual membership fee, based on the number of systems at the educational institution that will access or execute the CSLG software, is required to join the CSLG Program. This annual fee provides the license and rights to new versions for all of the product portfolios. The annual membership fee is a prerequisite to purchasing the CSLG portfolios.

This Agreement is effective for an initial term of one year from the date of acceptance by HP. This Agreement will continue from year to year thereafter, provided the educational institution submits a renewal purchase order to HP at least thirty (30) days prior to the anniversary date of the Agreement and upon acceptance of the purchase order by HP. The campus wide licenses have a one-year term.

Updated product portfolios purchased throughout the year may only be used during the annual term of this CSLG License Agreement. They cannot be used beyond the expiration date of the annual membership.

The system count for the membership fee is done annually at renewal time. The purchaser is required to obtain membership at the proper level. Systems added or deleted during the year are reflected in the system count upon renewal of the CSLG. Prices for the CSLG Program are non-discountable.

The CSLG Program requires annual membership renewal and payment by the educational institution. The renewal process should begin early if the educational institution has a lengthy purchase order cycle, to ensure Product Authorization Keys (PAK) do not expire. A grace period of 2-months is built into the expiration of the Product Authorization Key (PAK) to allow for unusual circumstances. Membership Reminder Renewal Letters: are sent out one month prior to annual renewal date. The letter includes: the CSLG Quote and Renewal Document and the Educational Software Library Document.

Your ongoing renewals will be based on the CSLG Program Description including pricing, licensing and other agreement terms current at the time of renewal and as published on the referenced Web site and/or successor sites.

Failure to renew the CSLG program annually indicates termination and requires that the educational institution destroy all copies of the media containing the license Product Authorization Key (PAK) s and delete all versions of the software licensed under this Agreement from the systems at the Educational Institution. HP will not provide temporary or loaned license PAKs for any of the products in the CSLG portfolios.

The educational institution will be responsible for designating an individual to be named "Campuswide Software License Grant Program Manager." This individual will be responsible for management and distribution of the software licenses at the educational institution and will ensure that the software licenses are used in accordance with the terms of this License Agreement.

If the educational institution increases the capacity of any of its systems with an in-cabinet system upgrade, the educational institution will be required to be licensed properly (the operating system) for the upgraded system in accordance with HPs standard software license policy. Systems that are not properly licensed are not eligible to use the campus wide licenses.

Membership details

The Operating System User License, Operating System Base License, Traditional Licenses, and SMP Extension Licenses to the Operating System Base License are not included under the CSLG Program for any systems.

HP reserves the right to remove software products from the CSLG Program at any time due to royalty obligations or other reasons, and provides no assurance that any product will continue to remain in the program.

Once a product is removed from its respective portfolio, and no longer a part of any portfolio purchased by the institution, the educational institution has the option to purchase the commercial license at the then current educational discount.

Media and documentation is not included under the CSLG Program, and must be purchased separately for each individual product being used. Software Support Service (SSS) and Layered Product Support (LPS) services are not included in the CSLG Program. System Startup Packages (SSPs) cannot be combined with the CSLG program.


Upon prior notice to the educational institution, HP shall have the right to enter the educational institution at reasonable times during the normal operating hours for the purpose of inspecting the educational institution's systems and records for the CSLG Program.


If either party fails to perform its obligations under this Agreement and such failure continues for a period of thirty (30) days after written notice, the other party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement.

The educational institution shall not be entitled to any refunds of payments already made prior to any such termination for cause by HP or termination for cause or convenience by the educational institution.

Upon termination of this Agreement, educational institution shall destroy all copies of the media containing the license Product Authorization Key (PAK)s and delete all versions of the software licensed under this Agreement from the systems at the educational institution.

HP shall give the educational institution one year written notice of cancellation of the CSLG Program. In the event of such cancellation, the educational institution shall have the opportunity to purchase software licenses for products that were included in their CSLG portfolios prior to the cancellation notice. Such current software product licenses shall be offered to educational institution pursuant to HPs Standard U.S. Terms in effect at the time of the order, at a discount.